Saturday, August 1, 2015

School Events


    Some future events involving the Schools of the Bogota Public School district.

Saturday-1- August 
   The Parents for Bogota Football in cooperation with New Horizon Financial  is hosting their annual Adult Swim. This will be held at the Bogota Swim Club pool starting at 8:00p to 1:00a. Tickets are $20 per person. This is an Adults only event anyone attending must be age 21-years or older with proper id required.   There will be live music, games, and food available. This is also a BYOB event but it is asked that any beverage be in a NON-GLASS container.
   For tickets and other information please contact Karen Rodgers at 201-233-9397 or Pat Rochford at 201-489-1991. 
   The Bogota Swim Club pool is located at 2 Feller Pl. Bogota, NJ

               (it is asked that while attending this event you  inform them that you saw it on Bogota Blog NJ)

Tuesday- Thursday -4-6 August 

  Cover Stitches will be having uniform fitting, and order at  the High School.  This will be 
held in Room #1 in the basement level. The fittings will run from 9:00a to 3:30p 


 Bogota Bucs Football
   Conditioning and weight training will be held in the High School weight room on Monday, Wednesday & Friday  3-5-7 August. Sessions will start at 2:30p
  The first day of training camp  will be Monday 10-August. This will run  until Saturday 29- August. Camp days will run Mon.-Sat from 8:00a to 3:00p 
 Bogota Bucs Soccer
    First day of training camp will be Monday 3-Aug.  This will be held in Olsen Park starting at 3:30p and run until 5:50p.  This will be the same schedule for the rest of the week.  Practices will only be canceled due to Lightning , or Thunderstorms.

 Bogota Bucs Cross Country
   Both the Women's and Men's practices start on Monday 17- August at 9:00a  Runners are to meet by the High School Gymnasium.  Students attending Runners Camp will have their  first School practice will be on Monday 24-August  at 9:00a. Runners are asked to contact Coach Mahoney  about physicals, and permission slips. Also if any runner needs to miss a practice due to vacation , or work please inform Coach Mahoney or any other the other Coaches. 

Steen & Bixby Schools

    Uniforms for Steen and Bixby schools will be available to be fitted and purchase at each school on tuesday 11- Aug for Steen , and Wednesday 12-August at Bixby . Times for both schools will be from 5:00p to 8:00p 

Saturday-1- August 

    The Steen PTO will doing a Summer clean-up of the school yard starting at 9:00a. They will freshening up the play area that were painted two years ago.  They are looking for volunteers to help with this project. They will also do a general clean-up of the grounds along with adding new planting near the W. Main St. entrance.  Anyone  wishing to volunteer please contact Kristin Meberg at: .

(it is asked that while attending this event you  inform them that you saw it on Bogota Blog NJ)

Saturday-8- August 

     This will be the final day to sign-up for Bogota Bucs Junior Football, and the Rec. Dept. Cheerleading.  This is an extension of the original deadline that was added due to not enough players signed up to have three full teams.
   : All divisions are opened to Girls  and Boys who live and attend any of the schools in Bogota.
- The Pee-Wee is for the youngest players which is for student from 2nd to 4th grade, and are under 11 years of age.
- The Junior division is for those players who are in 5th & 6st grade and are under the age of 13.
- The Senior division are those players who will be in 7th & 8th grade and are younger the 15 years of age.
 All home game will be played at Feigel Field in Bogota.

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