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     On Tuesday 11-August the Bogota Public Library's Smarty Pants lecture series feature information on taking a vacation cruise. This was presented by David Kriso, he is a travel writer specialising  cruise and rail vacations. Mr Kriso is also a cruise line agent in the New York area who assist vacationers with check-in and assisting them with their cruising vacations. he works for the port terminal and handles passengers for a number of different cruise lines.
   One of the main points of Mr. Kriso presentation was the importance of planning and preparation when going on a cruise vacation. He described the process from choosing which type of cruise to take, to how to make the trip home easier. He started with the various types of cruises that are available. They go from Singles and Couples to Families to specialised featuring a certain entertainment style, of educational interest.
   While booking a vacation he stressed about how some decision need to be made as soon as possible. Choices about dining times and cuisine, reservation of shows and other activities should be had as soon as possible either with a travel agent or as soon as boarding the ship.  One of the most important part of going on a cruise is documentation, legal government identification is mandatory.  Passports, and sometime Birth certificates are needed to board the ship. Identities should also match the method of payment not only for the cruise itself, but for  extras that may be needed during the vacation. Mr. Kriso also talked about the importance of being early for many parts of the vacation. Starting with the boarding, most cruise lines have a policy of all passengers being on board  1/2 hour before setting sail. He recommended  allowing for at least 1 hour , if not more,  before the cut-off time.  And with everyone in the party having their documents in place, and all baggage ( including carry-ons) being well marked and identifiable.  This same process will take place at the end of the cruise upon returning to port.
   When talking about about the actually cruise Mr. Kriso mentioned the number of different activities that could be available,  and how each member of the party should be able to choose something for them. He talk about how asking staff, and even fellow passengers could help get the most of a cruise vacation.
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