Monday, August 17, 2015

Nick Barese


     Earlier this Month Bogota Baseball Organization President Nick Barese announced his retirement after 27 years of leading the BBO. At this time the name of the new President has not been announced.  This is his letter to the Young Women & Men , and their Families who have participated in playing the sports of Softball and Baseball as they represented the Borough of Bogota.


Dear Members and Friends,
 The 2015 BBO season has come to an end, and we have now closed out our 35 year as an organization in Bogota.
With that being said I would like to advise everyone that I am officially retiring as an active member of the Organization.
I have been a member for 32 years and President for 27 years. It is time for a new generation to take over.
I have been proud to service the community and the especially the Children of Bogota.
We have been the largest recreational sport in the community.  I know that there are plenty of good people in this town that will continue all that we have built. We can be proud of our growth. We added a T-Ball program; we hosted tournaments and started a scholarship program for High School student. These are just a few of the many things we have done over the years to enhance the program.
This year we entered into a cooperative agreement with the recreation department to strengthen the program.
 As a lifetime member the BBO I will always be associated with the organization and it will always be a part of who I am. But life evolves, and I believe now is the right time to pass the torch. This decision was not easy to make but it is the right thing for me and my family.
I wish everyone involved much success in the future. I am always available to answer any questions.
Good Luck to all,
Nick Barese

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