Thursday, August 27, 2015

KSAP Picnic


   On Sunday 23- August the Kids Safety and Awareness Program held a picnic for Family & Friends to enjoy an August Sunday afternoon. KASP is a community program which instructs Adults & Children on how to avoid dangerous situations. They also teach self defense technique to use in an emergency.  Also represented were members of 'Dance3volution"  a Hackensack  dance school expanding the horizons of modern dance by including all form of dance. Bogota Beautiful attended and served homemade Lemonade, and had information about some of their projects to improve the Borough of Bogota. Patrick Teran offered to make caricatures  to anyone who wanted one. There was food, music, dance , and even a round of " Double -Dutch". The afternoon was highlighted by allowing the Children their to take turns at a pinata until the candy inside spilled on the floor.

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