Friday, August 14, 2015

Stories from the Bogota Bulletin


   Starting today Bogota Blog NJ has received permission from the North Jersey Media Group to supply links to their news stories from the Bogota Bulletin.  NJMG is the parent company that publishes the Bogota Bulletin.  Bogota Blog NJ  will only provided a link to the NJMG website. All rights will remain  with NJMG.
  As stated before Bogota Blog NJ is not in competition with  the Bogota Bulletin, but acts as a source to fill in the local stories that  the Bogota Bulletin may not have the time or space to cover.
   Bogota Blog NJ  is looking for anyone who would be willing to report on the Bogota Borough Council meetings, and the Board of Education meetings in order to supply Bogota Blog NJ with an unbiased, and factual  story to be posted on Bogota Blog NJ.   At this time this is an unpaid position. The ideal candidate would be a High School Junior or Senior, or College Student interested in Journalism, Creative  Writing, or Political Science.  Anyone who has a story post on Bogota Blog NJ will receive credit for their work.  If interested in writing for  Bogota Blog NJ please contact Stephen Mazzella  at:

Story from the Bogota Bulletin :
Bogota Bulletin 14- August-2015

Bogota Bulletin 12-August-2015

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