Monday, August 3, 2015

Bonus Class 05 Photos Day 1

3- August- 2015
    Over the next several day Bogota Blog NJ will post a series of bonus photos about the Cadets from Class 05 of the Bogota Police Emergency Service Youth Academy. I have been covering BPESYA fully since Class 02   for  Bogota Blog NJ & the Bogota Bulletin ( BPESYA & Bogota Blog NJ both started in 2011. To paraphrase Sgt Lynch we both had to figure out what we are doing.) This year offered a unique opportunity for Bogota Blog NJ to expand the coverage of Class 05.  My son was accepted into Class 05 as a Cadet so I could experience the Academy as a Parent and a reporter. The Bogota Police Emergency Service Youth Academy  Director Sgt Craig Lynch and Coordinator Anna Ferris " Miss Anna" allowed me, even as a Parent,  unprecedented accesses to most duty days. I want to thank them and all of the Instructors of the Academy for their professionalism and cooperation over the ten day of Class 05 .
     The following series of photos will be without comment. I hope this will be a further insight to what the Cadets of Class 05 experienced in being apart of one of the premier Youth Academies in Northern New Jersey.

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