Saturday, May 7, 2016

Applying for Class 06


   Staff members of the Bogota Police Emergency Service Youth Academy  have finished their informational tours of the four Bogota School.  Their visit was to explain to the  students about  the eligibility  for them to  to apply for the BPESYA class 06 starting in July of 2016.  The visited the 5th & 6st grade classes in Steen and Bixby Schools, the 5th,6st & 7th grades of St. Joseph's and the 7th grade class in Bogota Junior /Senior High school.  The Academy is only accepting applications of Student who will be entering grades 6,7 & 8  for the school year starting in September 2016.  Applications will be available on Saturday  21- May starting at 7:00a. at the Bogota Police Headquarters ( or at the W.Broad St. firehouse). While Parents may accompany the applicant to  Police Headquarters,  only the Student will be allowed to step forward to register for the application. This is the first step in showing confidence, and leadership the Academy is looking for.
   Another reason that the Student themselves are asked to pick-up the application on their own is to help show the Academy officials that the Student is serious about being apart of the Youth Academy.  
 Over the past several years the line to pick up application has starting forming one to two hours before the starting time. After that date application may be pick-up at Police Headquarters.  Applications must be returned to  Police Headquarters no later the Saturday 16-May at 7:00p 
  There is a nominal fee for those Cadet who will be accepted into Class 06. This is payable on the Parent Orientation day to be announced later. The Academy will also have scholarships available for those in need of financial assistance.  The Academy will take place starting Thursday 28- July with an assessment day  through Graduation on Tuesday 9-August .  The normal Academy duty day will run for 7:30a to 4:00p. The First training day will take place on Friday 29-July. Then the Duty week will be from Monday 1-August to Tuesday 9-August. They Cadets will have the weekend off.  A typical  Duty day will consist of class work and training sessions about life skills, hygiene, and community service. The other part of the duty day will involved  hands on training from all emergency service disciplines. 
  For more information,  about the  Bogota Police Emergency Services Youth Academy please visit their website at :  or by email at
   The Bogota Police Emergency Services Youth Academy has been developing the Students of Bogota, and is recognized one of the finest youth programs in Northern New Jersey.This program  is becoming  an important part in the the education of Bogota Students.

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