Monday, May 23, 2016

Application Day

   On Saturday 21-May potential  candidates for the Bogota Police Emergency Service Youth Academy class 06 lined up early to pick-up an application for this Summers program. The earliest person in line was Nathaly, a graduate of Class 05, who made it to the W. Broad st. Firehouse at 5:00AM  to be assure that she would get an application form. She , and a friend for support, were joined a short time later by Arinna, and Graduated Cadet  along with her brother Adrian and his friend Henry.  The line some grew to the length of the driveway, then continued along W. Broad st with a mix of past Cadet wanting a chance to be apart of the Academy for a second time. And others who wanted to experience what the Bogota Police Emergency Service Youth Academy firsthand. Director Sgt Craig Lynch took a moment to talk to those in line to make sure that they realize what they could be in for, and are they doing this for themselves. He also talked to some of the past Graduates and wonder if the Academy was "tough enough" last year, or should it be harder for this class. Sgt.Lynch also  talked to some of the Parents who were taken out of bed on a damp Saturday Morning, to be with their Children. He explained to the Parents to let them know how they are a part of Class 06  as much as the Cadet who will be accepted.
   Finally 7:00a arrived and  the door slowly opened to start the process. Academy Coordinator  Anna Geraghty greeted  the applicants by first pointing out the wait line on the floor. Then each person had to wait for their time to called forward. In a open, but firm manner "Miss Anna" started the Academy training. Only the applicant could approach  the table. " It is the "Youth Academy" not the Parents Academy she would say few over concerned Parents.  She instructed the applicants  that while standing at the desk hands should be out of ones pockets, and away for her table. She told them that she needed to hear the answers to her questions and would not move on until a proper volume of response was given. Miss Anna  also welcomed returning Cadet with a smile and the same type  question of " are you sure you want to do this AGAIN?" While happily handing them the form for Class 06.
  Some applicants were so eager to be accepted that they stayed in the area to fill out their forms and return them as soon as possible.   
    The Academy will take place starting Thursday 28- July with an assessment day  through Graduation on Tuesday 9-August .  The normal Academy duty day will run for 7:30a to 4:00p. The First training day will take place on Friday 29-July. Then the Duty week will be from Monday 1-August to Tuesday 9-August. They Cadets will have the weekend off.  A typical  Duty day will consist of class work and training sessions about life skills, hygiene, and community service. The other part of the duty day will involved  hands on training from all emergency service disciplines. 
  For more information,  about the  Bogota Police Emergency Services Youth Academy please visit their website at :  or by email at
   The Bogota Police Emergency Services Youth Academy has been developing the Students of Bogota, and is recognized one of the finest youth programs in Northern New Jersey.This program  is becoming  an important part in the the education of Bogota Students.
   On Friday-3 June Bogota Police Emergency Service Youth Academy  will host a fundraising dinner starting at 7:00p. This will be held at the Bogota VFW Hall located at 241 W. Shore Ave. Bogota, NJ.  Admission is $25 for Adults and $15 for Student with tickets available at the door.  Included will be a Buffet Dinner along with highlights from past Academy Classes and raffle prizes.  At this event the first 10 names will be announced to be Cadet for Class 06.

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