Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Community Garden


    On Saturday-7-May the Bogota Community Garden broke ground  for  the installation of planters to be leased by the public. This garden will be located on the west side of River rd.  just south of W. Ft. Lee rd. The garden will be on the plot of land adjacent to the World War I Memorial. A total of 16 planting beds measuring 6ft by 4ft. were assembled.  The beds are in two rows of eight  that lie roughly parallel to River Rd. The beds are almost two feet deep to allow for a deep base of soil. Some of the planters were finished enough to have soil placed in them.  This was an idea first conceived of by Bogota Beautiful, and is now under the guidance of the Bogota Community Garden as part of the Bogota Environmental Commission. They thought is to give Bogota resident an opportunity to experience gardening. For the first year the Borough of Bogota has requested that on flowers be grown to reduce the chance of stray or wild animals using the garden as a food supply.
      More work  still needs to be done before the gardens is officially open to the public. A tentative date of Saturday 11-June has been offered. However, anyone wishing to reserve at planter for their should contact the  Bogota Community Garden at: bogotacommunitygarden@gmail.com for information on reserving a bed, and what the requirement will be to be a part of the Garden.
   Members of the Bogota Community Garden and other volunteers worked in the dampness of a Saturday morning to size and assemble the structures that will make up the planting beds. A foundation was dig into the ground to allow the beds to be level, and the beds were placed 3-4 feet apart in order for the gardeners access to all parts of the planters. At  the same time other volunteers cleared old leaves, and removed weeds from around the War Memorial. part of the mission of the Bogota Community Garden is also to assist in maintaining the grounds around the War Memorial, and help display the beauty that can be found in Bogota.

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