Saturday, May 21, 2016

Bogota Beautiful

21- May-2016
  On Wednesday 18-May Bogota Beautiful held their monthly board meeting.  Some of the main points discussed started with an update by representatives of the Bogota Community Garden. They talked about the volunteer effort to assemble the first 16 planters. They said that one planter is intentionally higher than the others in order to allow it be handicapped accessible if needed. Additional items that need to be addressed before the planters are assigned were mentioned. Detail items such as fencing, a gravel stone path, installation of rain barrels, and a bulletin board are waiting on approve of the Bogota Borough Council prior to completion.  The Garden Commission  hopes to have work completion by a Saturday 11- June ribbon cutting event. It was also announced that a seat on the garden commission has become available. If anyone wishes to be nominated  for this postion, or for infomation about renting a garden planter please email; the Community garden at :
   The next item is in conjunction with the garden ribbon cutting is the 1st Bogota Walk with the Mayor. This is a two mile walk around the Western part of Bogota lead by Mayor Chris Kelemen. The goal is to promote wellness with the exercise of walking, along with community awareness by taking the time to enjoy the surrounding of Bogota. The walk will begin at the Olsen Park Picnic pavilion scheduled to start at 10:00a. It will then proceed to River Rd and turn North until turning onto Homestead Pl. From Homestead Pl the walk will turn South onto Larch Ave moving past the Library and Borough Hall. The the walk will head West onto W. Ft. Lee Rd by Bogart Church and continue to River Rd, and finish at the Community Garden. At the end of the walk there will be the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Bogota Community Garden. Registration is now open, and any one signing up before Wednesday 1-June will be able to receive  a backpack and reflectors which can be worn while walking or biking in low light. All walkers will be given a Bogota Beautiful  wristband. This is a free event, but anyone wishing to participant is asked to register.  For more information and to register  please visit their website at:  or contact Angela Alberti at
   The Bogota's Best Home Appeal contest has started and continuing into June. This is open to all homeowners in Bogota. The homeowner may submit their own residents, or  other resident for consideration. The general Public may also nominate any home in Bogota for consideration. Only the front and side yards are eligible to be nominated.  There are two different categories that will be voted on.  One is the most appealing landscape of any home in Bogota. The other category that will be voted on is the best improved lawn in Bogota. This is a contest for any Homeowner that is currently, or is planning to upgrade and improve their landscaping. Two set  of photos are required for this contest. A separate before  and after photo should be sent for consideration for this category. To enter  either , of both  contests  1 to 3 photos the  nominated lawn must be sent to:  before  Sunday 31-July-2016.
  The Yoga in the Park classes are also continuing  every Saturday to the end of June. This will all  be held in Olsen Park starting at 9:00a. The Bogota Beautiful Board meeting will be on Wednesday 15-June. This will be held in the Steen Media Centre located on the main floor of the school at 134 W. Main St Bogota, NJ
  The final item was the change in the email address for information, and other inquires. It is now The website address is the same at: 

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