Friday, May 13, 2016

Paving part 1


   On Thursday 12-May repaving of W. Ft.Lee rd took place. The section of streets covered started at the Dillard Bridge over the Hackensack River to the intersection of W. Ft. Lee rd and River rd. The entire intersection was  repaved for an even surface. The repaving continued  South on River rd to just beyond Bogota Garden, and before Munn Ave.  The rest of River rd  up to the Quikcheck store will be the next section to be repaved. That portion of River rd has already been milled to await a new surface.
   Temporary centre divider marking are in place until the street markings are painted in. It is advised to use caution on both roads  during the repaving process. The railroad crossing on W.Ft Lee rd has not been repaved. That area of the street is under the control of the NYS&W railroad company and could not be worked on by PSE&G.  Any issues or problems with the crossing must to sent to the NYS&W railroad company their phone number is 1-800-336-6979 ext 8 the reference number of the crossing is : mp12.94 857-198e  ( W. Ft. Lee rd Bogota, NJ)
  Work is still continuing at Elm ave & River Rd with the South bound lane of River rd reopen to traffic,

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