Sunday, May 22, 2016

Spring Concert


   On Friday 21- May the Music Dept. of Bogota High School held their Spring Concert.  The Concert Band  performed  several different styles of Music. One of the numbers they performed was  " Rock, River , Tree" inspired by the poems of Maya Angelou. And ranged to a medley from the movie "Brave". Before the final piece  Seniors members of the Band presented Mr McCann with some presents in a way of thanking him  for what he has meant to them, some for the past six years. One gift that he was asked to show was a miniature bust of himself made with the 3-D printer from the Graphic Arts Class.  
   At the intermission the Audience was encourage to view the Art Students form Mr Calleja Art Classes.   These were on display in the North Hallway of the school.
  The second half of the concert started with the Full Choir performing  a medley from the show " High School Musical". Next the Men's Choir sang " A Hard Day's Night".The La-Di-Da's sung ' Mr. Sandman" and the Junior High School Choir did " For Good" from Wicked. Before the Women's Choir performed highlights from " Hairspray" Katie Fafara, the lone Senior member took some time to thank Ms Hughes for her hard work for not only the Choir, but for the Musical as well.
  The Concert ended with the Jazz Band with numerous solos from the musicians.  
  The Fine Arts Dept will hold their Awards Dinner on Wednesday 8-June. This will be held in the High School Gymnasium and start at 6:30p.  Admission is a Potluck dinner item to be served. 


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