Monday, May 23, 2016

Turtle Dance


    On Saturday-21-May  the Bogota Public Library hosted  "Turtle, Dance, Music" event to have Children experience which allows them to get-up, dance, and move to a variety of musical styles. Presented by Matt Mazur " Mr. Matt" who kept both the Children and their Parents moving, dancing and singing for the show. His uptempo performance was enough to "... even keep the teenager from being bored" but  paced in a way that even the younger members of the audience  would not feel left out. Regardless of age all who attended participate in either singing along with the music. Marching around the room, or exchanging hugs and laughter with one another. Mr. Matt also introduce different instruments that some have may have heard for the first time. He had a banjo, a didgeridoo from Australia , and a Khim from Thailand to show that how differences can be just as interesting as anything that a person maybe use to.  
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