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Friday, May 13, 2016

Weeknd Events


Some events scheduled to take place in and around Bogota for the Weekend  Starting on Friday 13- May.  Times and dates may change due weather or other circumstances. Please contact the event for the most up to date information.  More event will be added throughout the month.

  The Bogota Public Library has set out a box to collect old, and used Crayola coloured makers. Makers collected will be send to the Crayola company to be reprocessed. For more information please visit ther web site at;  http://www.crayola.com/colorcycle           

  (it is asked that while attending this event you  inform them that you saw it on Bogota Blog NJ)

  A Family Orchard Terrace is still searching for their lost dog . This family is serving as a Foster Home for this Dog who will answer to the name Cleo or Celine. She is a 2 year Shepard mix Brown and Black in colour.  The foster family reported Cleo missing on Wednesday 16-Dec after arriving home from work finding a window broken and Cleo missing. Cleo was last seen wearing a red collar decorated with images of bones on it.  Cleo may be familiar with the area along River Rd. She is described as "fearful" and may ran from strangers.  Cleo has been with her Foster Family for only a few weeks so she may be looking for an older home, or more familiar surroundings.
   The new phone number is: 201-450-5992 this is in cooperation with the group  Buddha Dog Rescue and Recovery.  For more information please visit their website at:
http://www.buddhadogrescueandrecovery.com/ If anyone has any information about a dog matching this description they are asked to contact the Bogota Police Dept at 201- 487-2400. Or Cleo's Foster Family at 617-901-0965 ask for Amy

 Bogota Beautiful is conducting a contest to find the Bogota resident with the most appealing curb presents. This is open to all homeowners in Bogota. The homeowner may submit their own residents, or  other resident for consideration. The general Public may also nominate any home in Bogota for consideration. Only the front and side yards are eligible to be nominated.  There are two different categories that will be voted on.  One is the most appealing landscape of any home in Bogota. The other category that will be voted on is the best improved lawn in Bogota. This is a contest for any Homeowner that is currently, or is planning to upgrade and improve their landscaping. Two set  of photos are required for this contest. A separate before  and after photo should be sent for consideration for this category. To enter  either , of both  contests  1 to 3 photos the  nominated lawn must be sent to bogotabeautiful@gmail.com  before  Sunday 31-July-2016.
  To assist contestants with their project Bogota Beautiful has arranged with  Fresh & Fancy Farms of New Milford, NJ to offer a 15% discount on flowers, planter, shrubs, and trees. This offer is only valid  until Tuesday 31- May.   Fresh & Fancy Farms is located at 575 River Rd New Milford, NJ
  Photos will be posted on  Bogota Beautiful facebook page starting on Saturday 6-August for voting. To vote please "like" the photo. Voting is schedule to run through  Tuesday 16-August. The top 6 vote "like" getters will be entered into the final round of judge by a committee from Bogota Beautiful. Winners will be announced on Sunday 28- August. For more information and rules please visit their website at:  http://www.bogotabeautiful.com/

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  Bogota Beautiful will continue their  Saturday  "Yoga in the Park" for May and June.  These will take place each Saturday in May and June and will be held in Olsen Park.  The class will run from 9:00a to 10:00a and be led by a Yoga instructor. They will be held in Olsen Park in Bogota. These classes are open to anyone regardless of age, or  experience.  The classes will meet at the Bandshell in Olsen Park depending on the number of attendees classes may be held in the bandshell or on the lawn in front of the bandshell. Everyone you wishes to attend is required to provide their own mat, towels, and water. Comfortable clothing that will allowed  free and ease of movement  should be worn. This is free to the public, however it is asked to contact  Bogota Beautiful at there website: bogotabeautiful.com to make a resveration for as many dates as you wish.  Bogota Beautiful will also have yoga mats availble for purchase if needed  Please also visit the same website for more information or to donate to: bogotabeautiful.com

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   The Bogota Public Library will present  Reading to Maggie the Beagle.  The time will be from 4:00p-5:00p. This is a free event, but anyone attending is asked to register with the Library in advance.    To register for this event, or for more information please  about this and other Library events visit their web site at :  http://www.bogotapubliclibrary.org/
The Bogota Public library is located at 375 Larch Ave. Bogota, NJ.  

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 The weekly " Meet the Mayor"  event will take place in the office of Mayor Chris Keleman  This is open to any Bogota resident who would to ask the Mayor a question about  Bogota, or to discuss any matter to help improve the quality of life in the Borough. Anyone who wishes just to have an informal conversation with the Mayor is also welcome to attend. Meetings will be held on a first come basis. This will run from 5:00p to 7:00p in the Mayor's office. His office is on in Bogota Borough Hall located at 375 Larch Ave. Bogota, NJ.
  Bogota Borough  Hall is located at 375 Larch Ave. in Bogota, NJ.

         (it is asked that while attending this event you  inform them that you saw it on Bogota Blog NJ)

Bogota Sports

Lady Bucs Softball-             vs Park Ridge @ Lady Bucs Field 4:00p
Men's Baseball-                     at Park Ridge  4:00p

Men's Baseball-                     at Dwight- Morrow 4:30p

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