Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Congressional Office Hours

  On Tuesday-2-May the Office of Congressman Josh Gottheimer held an open office session at the Bogtoa Public Library. Congressman Gottheimer is serving  in his first term as a member of the US House of Representatives from New Jersey's 5th Congressional district. Congressman Gottheimer was represented by Bermari Roig, who serves as the Director of Constituent Service for the Congressman. Ms. Roig met with a few Bogota residents to talk about various issues. Some topics discussed were about healthcare & taxes, while others brought up the concerns for public safety & convenience.  There was also a few who wanted to offer thanks to Congressman Gottheimer for arranging a member of his  staff to visit Bogota and give time to the voters.
  For more information, or to asked about other topic please visit his website at

Bermari Roig,  Director of Constituent Service
for Congressman Josh Gottheimer

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