Monday, May 1, 2017

St. Joseph's Honor Society

 On Friday-28-April the St.Joseph's School in Bogota inducted 17 new members into the St.Joseph's chapter of the National Junior Honor Society.  The honorees were first introduced at a Mass in St.Joseph's Church. Then the ceremony moved to the School's Gymnasium were they were joined by the rest of the school to share in their achievement. Father Timothy Graff  gave the invocation, he was followed by Principal Stella Scarano address welcoming the Parents, and other Family to the ceremony.  Advisor Jeffrey Moeller explained the meaning of the society symbol of a torch as a representation of guiding the students into the light of the future. Also that the meaning of six candle showing how when many lights work together he brighter the way will be.  Members of the Faculty then lite a candle for each one of the  requirements of membership.  Scholarship,  Service,  Leadership,  Character, Citizenship, and an additional candle added was Spirituality for the St.Joseph's Chapter. 
   Then Mr. Moeller announced each Student's name as they were presents a NJHS pin by Principal Scarano.  Then Principal Scarano lead the new inductees in the reciting of the Society Pledge.  This was followed by Shari-Lynn Minetti introduced guest speaker Rosemarie Flood  founder of the  ASCPG Youth Group of St. John's Church in Bergenfield and Holy Trinity in Ft. Lee.  Ms Flood encouraged the new members to continue the  hard work they have shown in achieving this honour, but to also work for self  advancement, along with continuing to assist others as well. 
  The St. Joesph's Glee Club sang one song before the closing prayer by Paul Juszcyk, and the singing of the St.Joseph's Hymn. 

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