Sunday, May 7, 2017

Celebrating Nikki

  On Saturday-6-May the Bogota Public Library formally dedicated the Nikki Spiegel Storytime Corner. This is a new Children's section in the front of the Library. The main feature is a large tree in the center of the space in full leaf, with its branches spread out in order to welcome anyone wishing to have a moment to stop and relax. Green carpeting looking like a lawn to walk through, and benches encircling the base give a comforting setting  that encourages time is made to read a good book. In the canopy a a couple of birds look down, as if to seek a peek over someone's shoulders. This scenes show two of Nikki's personality, her love of nature, and her passion for reading.
   The library was filled with Family, friends, co-workers, and children all here to remember Nikki. On one wall a string of light that were holding photos of her throughout the years.  Old family photos, newer photos from her work at the Library, photos from her travels, and many with her Children, and grandchildren. Next to that was an memorial book offer a chance for one more wish of thanks, and to share one more thought, or memory.
  Behind a small stage a video showed the details of the growth of her tree. This is where Director Radwa Ali first spoke to all of those assembled for coming and showing their love for Nikki. She next thank the staff, and volunteers for making the  Nikki Spiegel Storytime Corner a reality.  She then told of her fulfilling time with Nikki  from the first day they met, while at Ms Ali's interview at the Library. To all the time they shared together  on making the Library even better, or just time with each other.  After that Ms. Ali open the stage to anyone who wish to share their time with Nikki. Many Family members talked about a Mom who help them grow, while growing up. In laws who felt lucky that she was a part of their family. Friends who cherished the time spent together, and memories created.  Co-workers who could not think of anyone else more helpful,and giving of her time, ideas, and energies to make working at the Library better for themselves, and Library as well. Young children who wanted to thank her for helping them learn to read, and many others. Bogota Mayor Chris Kelemen recited the proclamation from Borough Council to Nikki upon her retirment. It Thanked her for all of her effort and dedication to the citizens, and especially the Children, of Bogota in making the Library a warm, special place in Bogota.
   When all of the tributes were made. All the sharing of hugs, tears, and stories were done. When the last child  wanted to run around the tree, or look for the birds. After the last person just wanted to touch the tree one more time. The staff and Family members had some quiet time to themselves. They posed for photos under the leaves, hugged each other.  The family then thanked  the Library Staff for remember Nikki in such a strong way. And  Staff thank the Family for  allowing them to share Nikki with the Library and everyone else.

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