Monday, May 15, 2017


   During Mid-Afternoon on Monday-15-May the large tree at the edge of Borough Hall Park uprooted and fell towards Larch Ave. The was located just North of the walkway to Borough Hall. The tree was prevented from falling into Larch St. itself due to it catching on the powerlines on that side of the street. It landed across the walkway to the Memorial Park at the corner of Larch Ave and W.Broad St.  The only damage was the paving stones on the sidewalk, and a small tree to the south. Crews from PSE&G were brought in to cut the power line, and allow Larch Ave. to reopen for traffic. The sidewalk in front of Borough Hall will remain closed until crews from the Bogota Department of Public Works and finish the removal of the fallen tree.
   Borough Hall and the Bogota Public Library should be open for regular hours, but access to both building will be limited until the removal is complete.

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