Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Police Career

   On Monday-22-May the Bogota Public Library held the latest in their career night series. This evening's topic was  about choosing a career in Law Enforcement. Presenting the lecture was Sgt Craig Lynch of the Bogota Police Department, and Office Jose Jimenez of the Bergen County Sheriff's Dept. The evening was more of an informal talk about their servicing as Police Officers rather than a lecture. With a small group of people attending the Officers pulled up a couple of chairs, and let those  participating ask questions on what it is like to work in law enforcement.  Both Officers talked about how the ideas of serving the community, and country has been an influence on decision to join the Police force. Sgt Lynch gave his example of his time as member of the United States Air Force  where he served as a Military Police Officer, and Officer Jimenez of his time as a Correctional Officer, help prepare them for their current duty.  They both said that with today's  lifestyles it needs more than just a passion for law enforcement to join a Police Department. Many, if not all, Departments are looking for College graduates, or Military Veterans in order to understand the the technologies and training needed in modern Police work.
  Another point the officers made was need to interact with the neighborhood that are serving in. Officer Jimenez used the fact that he is a K-9 Officer and can be seen with his partner Grim. The two have more of an opportunity to meet and talk to citizens  in a more relaxed atmosphere. Sgt Lynch  in his role as Director of the Bogota Emergency Services Youth Academy feels these types of  program geared towards Elementary and Middle School Student serves different purposes. One is to present a human face to law enforcement not only to the Student, but to the parents and other Adults.  Next it teaches how to act, or react to different situations.  Sgt Lynch again talked about the importance of College or other secondary Education. While not every person will make a career of Law Enforcement the basic goals of getting as much education as possible, and looking for ways to assists other will help as much as being a Uniformed Officer.

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