Friday, May 5, 2017


   On Friday-5-May the  heavy rains that past over the area cause a number of roads to be closed because of flooding. The usually problem area W. Ft. Lee rd between River Rd, and the Hackensack River. along with Elm Ave at River Rd. were closed.  West Shore Ave also started to gather water, which then added to the flooding at Elm and River. One vehicle was caught in  rapidly rising water, which topped out just under five feet above flood. The occupants of the vehicle were removed safely. By two hours later the water had receded three feet, and crews started to clean out the sewer intakes to allow the amount of water to continue to reduce. Adding to the flooding, a few trees had fallen  into the stream and onto Elm Ave. 
   On W. Ft.Lee Rd. one again  had flood water cover the street and sidewalk from the Bogota Iron Works to past the old Hess Garage. Water pooled about 2-3 feet about the road surface and sidewalks. Even with the roads barricaded off a large number of motorist still drove around the obstacles  to travel down the water covered roads. At Elm and River an van carrying passengers and a dump truck ignored the warning, and the crews trying to clear debris from the sewer lines   to continue to travel North on River Road. At W. Ft Lee Rd vehicles not only drove around the barricades but other cars that had turned around to avoid the high waters. When NJ transit buses and Ambulances, forced to use only river crossing available in Bogota, drove to Hackensack many other cars tried to follow. Some saw the issued and tried to turn around only to be delayed by other who ignored the blockades. 
  Both Elm at River, and W. Ft. Lee rd will be closed until further notice. Bogota, County and State Police advise motorist to use alternate routing away from flooded areas and never travel on a street , or road covered by flood waters.

Flooding at Elm Ave at River Rd

                                                                Flooding on W.Ft. Lee Rd.

  Cars driving around barricades at W. Ft. Lee Rd.

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