Thursday, May 25, 2017

St.Joseph's Concert

   On Tuesday-23-May the St. Joseph's School held their Spring Concert. This years theme was based on the early days Rock & Roll music. It was set in an "American Bandstand" style presentation and showed the development of this music ear from 1957 to 1967. All grades of St.Joseph's School were represented  starting with the Pre-Kindergarten Class finishing with the 8th grade class of 2017.  The show began with a number of Grandchildren learning about the early days of Rock & Roll from the Grandparents who grew up listening to this new style of music. The show highlighted various artist from the R&B beginnings with  Elvis Presley. It moved into the raise of the MoTown sound, and the British Invasion lead by the Beatles and Rolling Stones. To the evolution of the genre into a true art form with the Eighth Grade Class performing scenes from "West Side Story".

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