Thursday, August 3, 2017

Assessment Day

On Thursday 3-August the Bogota Emergency Services Youth Academy held their assessment day for the recruits for Class 07. This  This year all of the Academy Duty Days will be held in Steen School. This day's activities were to evaluate the condition of the recruits entering the Academy this Summer. The Student were given timed test on four types of standard exercises.  The recruits were divided into for groups with each one starting with a different exercise. They rotated through Sit-ups, Push-up, Jumping Jack, and Mountain Climbing.  They were later given a written test of general knowledge. Before the testing began   Program Director Sgt Craig Lynch talked with the recruits and told them some of the things that will be expected of them. The first point was there is no later. Duty Day will start at 7:30a and there will be zero tolerance for not being on time. This is so the recruits can learn to  take responsibility for themselves.Then came a lesson was on how to answer a question properly, a loud clear SIR-YES-SIR. or  MA'AM -NO-MA'AM will be the only acceptable to respond. Next Sgt Lynch told the recruits the one, most important secret  to be successful as a member of the Youth Academy. That is to do what is asked the first time, as soon as possible, and to the best of one's ability.  He said that following those simple rules, and listening to the Instructors the next ten days at the Bogota Emergency Services Youth Academy will be one of the most rewarding and memorable event of their lives.
  After the testing was over Program Coordinator Anna Geraghty  "Miss Anna" spoke to the recruits and was impressed that they already learn how to answer her.  She reinforced Sgt Lynch's statement of following directions will allow the recruits to enjoy their time at the Academy. After they spoke a number of the interns talked to the recruits. All of these interns are Academy Alumni who have returned to assist the Academy in training the next class of Cadets. The interns talked about how much of a challenge the Orientation  Day will be. And how the toughest time is just after the Duty Day begins until Lunch.  They then explained while the rest of the time at the Academy will require hard work and focus,it will be rewarded in the excitement and pride they will have in themselves  after each day as a member of Class 07.
      Duty Day 1 Orientation Day  Friday-3-August at Steen School using the Orchard Terr. entrance. The call time is 7:30.

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