Monday, August 28, 2017


   On Saturday-26- August  Parents  of grade school Students from both Steen and Bixby schools made their way to the Bixby Gymnasium to purchase uniforms for the upcoming school year.  While some were there for the first time as their Children will be new to the Bogota Public school, others needed to update their wardrobe. The reasons ranged from just wanting a clean fresh look  to start 2017-18 with. Others needed to keep ahead of the march of time as their Children display a habit of growing taller and bigger as they get older. The Bogota Public School uniform policy is Students must wear at polo style shirt, short or long sleeves with khaki coloured slacks, shorts, or shirts while attending classes. Bixby is a light blue shirt. Steen is a dark blue shirt. The Middle school is a Bucs Gold shirt. While the High School Student have a choice of Black, Grey, or Bogota Purple. A fleece jacket is also available for purchase with the school's logo embroidered on it for Steen, or Bixby Schools
   There was also a chance to buy Bixby Spirit wear consisting of t-shirts and exercise shorts which can be worn instead of the official uniforms on hotter days.
   Uniforms for grade school Student may still be order through Sharp Printing Plus by visiting their website at: Sharp Printing Plus Bogota . Uniforms for Middle School and High School Student  can be purchased at: Cover Stitches Bogota

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