Friday, August 11, 2017

Class 07 Day 5

11-August- 2017
   On Thursday-10- August  the Bogota Emergency Services Youth Academy  took their Cadet training to a higher level.  At some points approximately  30-40 feet higher to the top of a rock climbing wall.  Class 07 traveled to Upper Saddle River and had a morning of training at the Gravity Vault rock climbing gym.  The Cadets  formed into their Squads and were fitted with safety harness and station at different section of walls.  The different climbing routes varidied in height and difficulties. The higher, and more difficult the route, the more points would be awarded for reaching the top.  This allowed the Cadets to work as, and for their team. They use the strength being built up from the day of physical training the receives on a daily basis to reach the top. The Cadets also had learn how to plan one, two, or more steps ahead, and work on problem solving when the original plan could not be used. The issue of trust was put to the test when the Cadets were placed at the end of a rope with a professional climbing instructor , who they have never met before, at the other. And most important to that  the Cadets had to make an additional step, or go that next foot higher after they felt they had reached their limit.  
  Another exercise was to climb a loose rope up to the ten foot mark. Points were given for reaching the goal, and the points were doubled if the Cadet did it only using arm strength. One other event was to compete against the interns in a tug-of-war. After all the challenges were finished, and a bonus question answered, the points were added up. The winners of the first ever Academy Rock Climbing Challenge was Delta Squad.  The Cadets then returned to Steen School for more class work, and more Drill and Physical Training.

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