Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Learning Anime

   On Tuesday-22-August the Bogota Public Library hosted an Anime drawing workshop. This was presented by Carlos Nieto III a self taught illustrator whose work has appeared on 
"The Simpson" and "King of the Hill"  Mr. Nieto showed the large class of both Students and Adult how to created a character  based on simple drawing principals. He explained a step by step process starting with basic head shapes. He slowly moved on to other facial feature from mouths, nose, eyes and hair. The class followed along making their own sketches along the way. Mr. Nieto drew a number of styles of many features and explained how a few lines can create different emotions to help bring the character to life.  Throughout the presentation he would use a large whiteboard to draw each new feature while explaining the process the whole time. From time to time  Mr. Nieto would walk around and talk to the animators to offer advice, or to answer question.  By the end of the time dozens of new characters were created and could be brought home to expanded on, or offer inspiration for other designs.

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