Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Medical Monday

   On Monday-7-August the Bogota Emergency Services Youth Academy's second Duty Day focused on health.  This started with  class work, and lessons from Program Director Sgt. Craig Lynch, and Program Coordinator Anna Geraghty.  The Cadets were formed into two groups, Female Cadets in one, Male Cadets in the other. Miss Anna's class was on personal hygiene and appearance. She explained the physiology of the human body  and in particular the changes that will occur in a person going through adolescence.  At the end of the class each Cadet was given a kit of products to be used each day. Sgt Lynch's class was on how to protect a person and their property. He talked about being aware of possible threats in everyday life. From knowing one's surroundings, and accounting for any items that may become a target. To the possible threats from being online and other modern day forms of commutation. Both lesions stressed that choice had everyday can affect a person far into the future, and have both positive and negative consequences.
   After lunch the Cadets were reformed into their Squads and  learned about first aid and how to handle emergency situation. Each squad moved to and from different station in order so that a smaller number of Cadet could experience each station .The four station that were visited started with when and how the 911 system works. The Cadets were told what type of conditions need to be present to active the system, and what goes on when a call is made. 
  The next station was on how to administer CPR if needed. Pamela Dirr and Leann Cordero taught how to perform CPR on practice manikin, and how a AED unit will work and when it should be used. Each Cadet took multiple turns practicing on the manikins in order to assist a victim until an EMT technician arrives.  
  There was an ambulance from the  of Neptune First Aid Squad set up in the Steen courtyard. Debra  Latshaw showed the Cadets about the equipment in that vehicle and what some of the items are used for.  Cadets were shown  how stretchers, backboard, and evac chair are use to transport a patient along with  how the equipment  inside the ambulance  may be used until the patient can be transferred to a Medical location.
  The fourth station was conducted by Brian Hoehl  who showed different types of bandages and splints that can be used to administer first aid. He showed the Cadet on how to put pressure on an open wound to control bleeding. Or how to secure a person limbs if a broken bone is suspected. 
   After the first aid lesson the Cadets were put through some Physical Training , and shown basic self defense techniques.  

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