Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Eclipse Bogota

   On Monday-21-August the Bogota Public Library hosted an eclipse viewing event. There was a live feed from NASA showing where the total eclipse was taking place in real time.  When not watching the news program Student could take part in solar themed activities. Theses included the making of their own diorama which showed how the moon would be able to block out the light of the sun. Another was a chance to draw their own eclipse of the sun. The Students could make their own pinhole viewers which allowed someone the opportunity to see how the Moon affect on the light from the Sun in a safe way. As the time grew closer for Bogota to view the partial eclipse the Library handed out viewing glasses in order to view the sky safely.  Even with the few clouds passing by Students, Parents, and other People wanting to share in the experience gathered outside the Library. As the Moon continued its travel across the Sun the air became tinted in a light blue. Those with glasses looked up into the sky, then shared them with others in the crowd so they too could enjoy the sky show. When the clouds fully clear the pinhole viewers  were put to their full use. Ether on the ground, or against walls of the Library one could see a reverse image of the Moon taking away pieces of the Sun. In about an hour the show in the sky had ended and will now be told for years to come.        While this eclipse gave New Jersey a 75 % totality, the next will allow the resident of the Bogota the opportunity to experience a 90% totality eclipse. This next Solar Eclipse will occur on Monday-8-April-2024.

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