Saturday, August 12, 2017

Class 07 Black Friday part 1

  On Friday-11-August the  Cadets of  the Bogota Emergency Services Youth Academy  traveled to the W. Broad St. Firehouse in Bogota to learn about the work it takes to be a Firefighter.  The Squads went to different stations to learn more about fire safety. One squad went into the smoke house simulator from the Hackensack Fire Dept.  Here they learn about what  happens in a typical house when it fulls with smoke.  Machines filled the room with smoke in order for the Cadets  to see how the smokes rises in a closed space. It also showed how the smoke will start to obstruct the view of the person in the room which may impede  their chance to escape.  Cadets were told of what to look for  in any room they go to find a safe exit if necessary.Cadets were also told what actions they should take if the room that are in should fill with smoke.
   Another squad had a chance to ascend the  extension ladder of  the  Bogota Volunteer Fire Dept Hook & Ladder Co #1. Cadets  put on a safety  and climb up onto the back of the vehicle. Members of the Fire Dept then escorted along the ladder to the top of Police Headquarters.  The Cadets were told how to focus on stepping on each rung of the ladder property, and to look forward to see what is in front of them. Some Cadets were given turnout jackets to wear to feel some of the weight a Firefighter carries when out on a call. As the Cadets moved closer to the top, they were subject to the motions that may occur while climbing the ladder in different conditions.
    Other Squad had a class in the type of equipment that could be used  during the course being on an emergency call.
   When all the training was complete the squads face off against each other in two competitions.  One was a type of tug of war except using water. Each squad needed to man a fire hose with one Cadet calling out direction off the hose. The objective  was to use the spray from the hose to move a cylinder into the other squads goal. The other competition was a relay race where each Cadet needed to carry a Fire Extinguisher through the Firehouse, then drag a length of hose down to the street. Next was to run through a water curtain, and "extinguish" a small fire, and run back through the water curtain and into the fire house. 

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