Saturday, August 5, 2017


   Over a couple of evenings on the week of the 1-August. members of the Bogota Volunteer Fire Dept had the opportunity to do live real time training.This took place at the corner of Larch ave and W. Ft. Lee rd in an unoccupied house. This structure is schedule for demolition the second week of August, and the Fire Dept was invited to use it for their training. This allows the firefighters to practice the skills needed to combat a situation in a residential structure. The more experience firefighters use this as a way to brush-up on techniques that may not be used often. It also allowed the newer member a chance to learn these techniques, and skills from the veteran firefighters.
   Some of the skills that could be pratice under controlled condition were how to escape a room, or other closed space by breaking through walls, floors or ceilings. There was also an exercise on how to remove an injury, or unconscious firefighter through windows, or other non-door opening, with the use of ladders or other equipment on hand.  And another exercise was the opening of the roof of a structure with different types of saws. Along with working on creating these access points from being on the structure itself, or from on a ladder if the structure is not secure.
   The Fire Dept will accept the opportunity to train on these building whenever possible so they can perform at their best when it is time for them to respond to any emergency situation in Bogota, or surrounding communities.
    The personnel of the Bogota Volunteer Fire Department,  Rescue Squad 46, and the Auxiliary Police Dept. are all Volunteers. They take their time away from their Jobs and their Families to help keep the residents of the  Borough of Bogota safe.   Any one wishing to become a volunteer for one, or more of the Bogota Emergency Services should either call the Borough at  201-342-1736 ext 2007 or go to the Borough's website at: 

above photos courtesy of Ed Rode

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