Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Class 07 Dismissed

   Tuesday-15-August was Graduation Day for The Bogota Emergency Services Youth Academy  Class 07.  This was held in the David Moore Gym at Steen School if front of an overflow audience of Family and Friends.  The 63 Cadets marched into the Gym accompanied by bagpiper Johnny Olesin of the Bergen County Firefighter Bagpipe Band. The Cadets then formed ranks in the centre aisle and performed a close order drill which showed their discipline and focus in following commands. Before the Cadet took to the stage they were shown two video messages. The first was from Instructor Martin Perez. Instructor Perez apologised to the Cadets  for not being to be there in person, but still wanted to congratulate them on a job well done.  The second was a Skype message from Gunner Sgt Shival Ramroop. Sgt Ramroop a Bogota Graduate is now on deployment overseas in Singapore and wanted to also congratulate the Cadets on their achievement. he continued to say how the training they received at the Academy will be a vital experience on moving forward in life.   
   Then part was  Program Coordinator Anna Geraghty  to introduce the special guest in attendance. Then Program Director  Sgt Craig Lynch  introduce the Instructors, who he says are the real reason the Academy is a successful program. He told the Family that the Instructors treat the Students like their own. They work hard to teach the Cadets not only to be good Classmates , but on how to become as better citizen. Next Bogota Police Chief Daniel Maye and Bogota Mayor Chris Kelemen addressed the Cadets to congratulate them for what they have achieved.  Then 63 Cadets that fulfilled the requirements of the Academy and were presented their Graduation Certificate in front of Family and Friends. 
     A number of awards were presented to the Squads that prevailed at a competitions that took place during Academy training. For Academics the award went to Charlie Squad. Delta Squad won for best Physical performances. And Alpha, and Bravo Squads shared the award for Recuse achievement. There were also individual award  for Courage presented to a number of Cadets. After these, there were special honors for the four Squad Leaders. All were third year Cadet who had shown such determination and hard work in their first two years they were accepted for a third and final year. This also was part of the Academy's goal to teach and encourage leadership in the Cadets. These four were pulled aside at Orientation Day and told of the plan for the additional responsibility offer them. All four accepted and excelled at the job and will now have their numbers retired as three time Academy Alumni. #52 Rebecca Sanz, #47 Owen Rosado, # 22 Emma Murphy, and # 19 Daniella Allen all were presented their uniform numbers.  Then Cadet # 49 Maryann Gesmundo was asked to fall in next to Sgt Lynch. He talked about the dedication Cadet Gesmundo had shown in her first two years at the Academy. The new position of Class Commander was offered to her as another challenge  to meet. Cadet Gesmundo took the promotion and aided in guiding Class 07 to earn  their Graduation. She was also presented with her number and other awards.
   Finally it was announced the award for Honor Graduate.  Brianna Mejia was named second runner up. Joshua Gesmundo was chosen as First runner -up. And finally it was time to name the top Cadet for Class 07. Four previously Honor Graduates announced that Tori Baugh had won the title of Honor Graduate for Class 07.  Miss Baugh accepted the award from Miss Anna & Sgt Lynch with her Family  by her side.  Then for one more  time the Cadets were called to attention by Instructor Gabe Castellanos and then the Class 07 was dismissed.
  After the ceremony there was a reception in which Family and Friends could congratulate Class 07 on becoming Alumni of one of the finest Youth Academies in New Jersey.

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