Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Cadet March

    On the ninth and final Duty Day for Class 07 the Cadet had a mixed schedule. In the morning the class was split into two groups. One attended a lecture on life inside of the Bergen County Jail. This was given by Correction Officers and an inmate from the County Jail.  The Cadets listen as they were told the living conditions of someone who has been convicted of their crime and is serving their sentence for it.  While this was going on the other half of the class were given a demonstration from the Bergen County Sheriff's Dept K-9 Unit. Officer  Mike Spina with "Guccia" and Officer Jose Jimenez with "Grim" talked about  the role the K-Unit plays in law enforcement.  Both the Human and K-9 officers can perform general enforcement as well as being trained for specific duties. Officers Spina and Guccia main focus is on finding explosive material when needed. Officers Jimenez and Grim are used to identify where any illegal substance may be hidden.  Officers Jimenez and Grim are also train to pursue and apprehend a suspect if necessary. Officers Spina and Guccia showed how they search an area for explosives and when a position is located the K-9 sits in front of it to alert his Human partner. Officers Jimenez and Grim also showed how the search an area for substance and the Human knows when it has been found the K-9 starts to dig and claw at the location. Both dogs are rewarded for the work with a towel for a game of tug of war with it's Partner.
Also during the day  a number of events were held to test the Cadets for focus and concentration, listen to and carrying out orders as quickly as possible, and a test of strength and stamina.
   The highlight of the morning was the annual March through Bogota. This gave the Cadet the opportunity to show their skill in listening to commands while following instructions to the Public. part of their route took them to Borough Hall were the Cadet could be greeted by Family and Friend. The Cadets stopped and pose for formal photos on the steps of Borough Hall and pictures from the onlookers. Then the Cadet marched back to Steen School were they rehearsed for tonight Graduation Ceremony.
   The Graduation of Class 07 of the Bogota Emergency Services Youth Academy  will be held at the David Moore Gym in Steen School. The ceremony will begin at 7:00p and is open to the Public. The Gym entrance is located off Orchard terr. Bogota, NJ.

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