Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Bogota Bowling Bucs

   On Monday-3- December the Bogota Bowling Bucs opened their Winter Season. Their first match was against Bergen Arts and Science.  The Bucs scored a  5-2 win over the Bees.  Ali Salam had the high game for Bogota scoring a 152. Mr. Salam also had the High Series with a 437.
  The played their next match on Tuesday-4-December against Palisades Park. Bogota would lose to the Tights by a score of 5-2. Spencer Mazzella would have the high game for the Bucs with a 158. Ali Salam would have the high series with a 411. Bogota's record is now 1-1. Their next match will be on Monday-10-December against Butler. This will be played at the Parkway Lanes in  in Elmwood Park the match is scheduled to start at 4:00.p

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