Saturday, December 22, 2018

Bogota Council Meeting

  On Thursday-20- December the Bogota Borough Council held their final for 2018. Along with the agenda items passed, the main focus of the meeting was to allow Bogota Police Chief Daniele Maye address the Council about the shooting that occurred at the corner of E. Ft. Lee Rd and Leonia Ave. on 12-December.  Chief Maye first mention that the officers on duty that night were dealing with an earlier arrest. When the call about the shooting was received one Officer was immediately dispatched to the scene. When the second Office was available, he too arrived at the scene. With the work done by the Bogota Police and other local Law Enforcement Officers a first arrest was made withing 12 hours.  They said that the case is still being investigated at this time. 
   Then Chief Maye addressed the concerns of the residents of that area, and member of Council. The area in question is know by Law Enforcement as area that needs to have more attention to it.  Some Citizens asked, in the earlier Public Comment section, if the establishment where the incident took place could have their Liquor Licence revoked. And what other steps need to take place in order to allow that area to become safer. One suggestion made was the installation of video camera in that area. A solution to that was to install Camera on the DPW building, and place them so that could observe the the street and surrounding area.  Any cameras on Borough property will be monitored by the Police Dept. When asked if  footage from the camera owned by the establishment could be use, the answer was they could but a court order needs to be issued to view the footage from a private business. The reason for the cameras on the DPW  building was so they could be used in real time by the Police Dept to see if a situation calls for immediate action. Security Cameras out side the DPW  was not included in the original  design and budget of the construction. Chief Maye called on an security professional Rey Sanchez  to explain what type of system would work in that area. Mr. Sanchez said that at least two locations would be needed to provide acquitted coverage in that area. One on the building proper on the E. Ft. Lee Rd face. With a second, pole mounted camera, near the DPW gate along Leonia Ave. These two locations could proved coverage to a wide area around the corner of E. Ft. Lee Rd and Leonia Ave.   Council members asked what would be needed to start this process. They were told by the Borough Administrator an Ordinance needs to vote on and a proposal  would need to go through a bidding process. Council members expressed the desire to start that process at the beginning of the new year, and the need to budget funds which will allow the Bogota Police Dept. to hire more officers.
   One item was the passed was the schedule of Council meeting for 2019, and date when the Borough Offices will be closed on legal Holidays. Another ordinance that was passed to grant Handicap Parking space, and restricted parking, to certain locations in the Borough. This ordinance also will establish to new bus stops ( one East Bound, and one West Bound) on W. Ft. Lee Rd near the River Club development.
   It was also announced the Sine Die will  take place on Thursday -3-January-2019. This will be held in the Senior Centre located on the second floor  of 375 Larch Ave. Bogota NJ starting at 7:00p . Then the swearing in of the newly elected Council Members  Connie Carpenter  and Rob Robbins will take place , and the official Council member is scheduled to begin at 7:30p The Public is invited to both meeting.

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( To help  support Bogota Blog NJ with its coverage of Local stories & sports

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