Saturday, September 21, 2019

Antique Appraisal

  On Wednesday-18-2019 the Bogota Public Library hosted an evening of appraisal of personal items. This was presented by Michael Ivankovich of Michael Ivankovich  Appraisals.  He started by explaining the difference between Worth, Value, and Price. The explanation was that Price and Worth can be fix number. Price is what a person will sell an item. Worth is what a person will pay for an item. Value is the unknown factor. This can be something that will mean a lot to the person who has it, but it may not be that important to others. Mr Ivankovich used the  example of the current trend of the people under the age of 40 or 30 who do not think items their Grandparents, or Parents,  have is valuable to them. He mainly use the market of of future to make his point. The solid oak table, or desk that cost a high price in the last Century will not have the same worth to younger people who may move two, or three, or more times before settling down.  Another trend that Mr Ivankovich mentioned is that now Middle Aged Adults are more interested in buying items from their childhood. Toys, trading cards  comic books and thing that had , or could not afford to buy, when they were young. 
  The next topic Mr Ivankovich talked about twas on how to sell or find out how much something is worth. The three areas he mentioned was: On how to make the most money for an item. This will require the seller to do most of the work themselves. Researching the history of an item, how much similar items have sold for, and how rare, or unique the item is.   So the seller will need to take the time and effort to find out as much information as possible. The next was to do it with the least amount of work, for themselves. This will mean hiring a professional to appraise and help sell an item. While this may result in something items be sold for a higher price, the cost of using a third party may reduce the amount the seller will receive. The third is sell it fast. This is basically turning over any items, sometime the entire content of a home, to a professional and letting them do all the work. This could mean hiring an appraiser, or an auction house. Some items will sell, while other may just be disposed of.
 Then Mr. Ivankovich began to examine some of the items that were displayed by those in attendance. There was a variety of items ranging from household goods, toys, and framed pieces. When a piece was chosen for examination the owner was asked to identify it and give a brief summary of it. In the process of talking about the item  Mr. Ivankovich could relay some more information about that item. He could tell the age of a piece by it’s condition. He explained what the age could be  discovered by colour, style of paper, and frame. He also talked about the markings that can be found on something. Marking will tell the material items like a serving spoons are made of. On mark confirm s the presents of Sterling Silver. Depending on the amount of of silver  things should be sold for what it is made of as opposed the item itself.  Other tips that were given dealt with specialized objects. Anyone with religious artifacts should find a dealer who works heavily in the area. Even more on which faith the item is associated with. This also extends to other object. Type of furniture like large piece, to decorative, and even certain manufacturers could have there own market associated with it.
 The main point Mr. Ivankovich made was that there  is the story behind an item, some may have more value then what it worth. Along with to find out if something is worth selling , the seller must put as much time in the process as possible. For more information about learning how to have items appraised one can visit his web site at:

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