Monday, November 16, 2020

Bogota Football


 On Sunday-15-November the Bogota Football Bucs played the final regular season home game for 2020. They hosted the Weehawken Indians at Feigel Field. Weehawken won the coin toss and elected to receive the opening kick-off. On the return, Bogota forced a fumble and it was able to be recovered by the Bucs’ Gabriel Nunez deep in Weehawken territory. The Indians then forced and recover a fumble of their own to end that drive. The Bucs would then open the scoring on their next possession ending with a 2 yard run for the touchdown by Gabriel Nunez . When the two point conversion was stopped Bogota would have a 6-0 lead.  After a Jaden Feliz interception Bogota would try double their lead, but that was stopped with a Juan Santos Fumble recovery.  On the next trip down field Bogota’s Ashanti Caviness would find running room of the right side and go in for a 35 yard scoring play. Again the Indians were able to stop the conversion, but the Bucs would have a 12-0 advantage. The first twelve minutes would end Bogota-12  Weehawken-0
  The second quarter  Bogota would greatly extended their lead. First a 25 yard pass from Ashanti Caviness to Michael Olivo.  Gabriel Nunez would run for the 2 point conversion. Then Ashanti Caviness would throw his second scoring pass of the game. This time it would be a 35 yard play to Gabriel Nunez for the major score. Mr. Caviness would run in for the extra 2 Points. The final scoring in the first half was started by an Intersection by Bogota’s Gabriel Nunez. Then Mr. Nunez would finish the drive running it in from  7 yards out, with Michael Olivo with the two point conversion. The First Half would end with Bogota having a 36-0  lead over Weehawken.
  After the restart the Indians moved  beyond the Bogota 40 yard line for the first time in the game. This would come off an unsuccessful Bogota punt attempt. Weehawken could not have a break-through and ended up turning the ball over on downs.  One of the Bucs offensive plays, after that, was a simple quarterback draw by Ashanti Caviness. The Bogota offensive opened a big enough hole from him to get for a first down. But with his speed and timely blocking this became a 85 yard Touch down run. Jaden Feliz would catch the 2 point conversion pass and move the score to 44-0 in favor of Bogota.
  In the final quarter the Indians capitalize on two long drives. The  first one ended with a 60 yard pass from Sean Guerriero to Bryce Honig.  The 2 point attempt was stopped. Weehawken’s Juan DeLa Hoz performed an on-side kick, which  the Indians’ Jayden Santos recovered. This lead to a Sean Guerriero 3 yard touchdown run. Bogota again stopped the 2 point conversion. Weehawken tried a second on-side kick-off, but Bogota’s Kevin Flores was able to find the ball first. This allowed Bogota to run-out the clock and post a 44-12 win. This moves Bogota’s record to 3-1. 
   Bogota’s Ashanti Caviness would finish the game with 4 Touchdowns, 2 running , 2 passing along with 3 conversions for  total of 30 Points. Gabriel Nunez scored 3 Touchdowns, 2 running with 1 catch and 2 conversion for a total of 22 Points.
  Weehawken’s Sean Guerriero scored twice. Throwing for one touchdown and running in the second one for 12 Points.
   Bogota will next play on Saturday-21-November when they travel to Emerson. The kick-off is schedule for 1:00p . Winner of this game will become the Union Division Champions.
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( To help  support Bogota Blog NJ with it's coverage of Local stories & sports
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