Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Planning Board Meeting

 25-November- 2020

  On Tuesday-24-November the Bogota Borough Planning Board held their meeting for the month of November. There were two major items on the agenda. One was to hear a review of the South End Redevelopment Plan. The South End Redevelopment Plan will cover an approximate 16 1/2 acre area at the Southern end of the Borough. This area is located between the NYSW railway line and the Hackensack River. Presently this the location is occupied  by the Bogota Golf Centre, and some abandon industrially buildings.  The redevelopment area would also include the land between the railway and River Rd. Currently the Outwater Plastic warehouse and office building, along with storage company, and the Bogota Department of Public Works Recycling Centre are located there. The review was to confirm that this propel is in agreement to the Bogota Master Plan. In the testimony by the Borough Planner is was said that the South End Redevelopment Plan meets the criteria set by the Master Plan. This includes regulations that would allow Non-Residential buildings to be apart of any construction.  Projects that would be allowed includes: research facilities, light manufacturing,  public storage, also service and retail with possible specialized eating and drinking establishments. The plan would also included at least a 15’ wide river walk and upgrade in the infrastructure of the area.  This was passed by a  6-0 vote with one abstention.
  The other main item was the discussion to grant the Bogota Board of Education a Use Variance for the property located at 390 Palisades Ave. Currently this is the site of the former Masonic Temple. With being located in close proximity to Bogota High School the Board of Education is hoping to use this building to house additional classroom space. No specific designs for this building have been finalized, but in order to continue with the purchase a Variance was needed to allow a building for public use to be considered for the mainly 
residential block.  The variance  granted as a nonconforming use structure for community benefit and was approved by a unanimous vote

     photos from the Bogota Planning Board

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