Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Daily Voice


    Bogota Blog NJ has entered a working partnership with the Cliffside Daily Voice.  At this time the partnership will be a cooperative use agreement. What this means is that Bogota Blog NJ  has been granted use of stories that could affect Bogota, that the Blog has been unable to cover. In return the Daily Voice will use story and photos from Bogota Blog NJ.  The advantage of this agreement is that stories about past and future event will receive a larger exposure area.
   The first two stories to take advantage of this are the PTO clean-up of the Steen Student Garden. This will allow even more people a chance to see the type of community cooperation that can happen in Bogota. The other story is about the Class of 2016 Fashion Show on Thursday 7-April.  This should provide  larger audience to learn about this event.
  Bogota Blog NJ thanks The Cliffside Daily Voice for the opportunity to expand it's coverage of Bogota NJ to a wider audience.  Links to the Daily Voice  are:, NJ  and Fashion

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