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 27- April -2016

   Some items of local interest;

    On Saturday 30- April  The Bogota Police Dept. will once again  participate in Operation Take Back from 10:00a to 2:00p. This is a joint effort between Local Law Enforcement  and the DEA. to help people dispose of old medications. A box will be placed on the entrance of Police Headquarters, located on West Broad St., so citizens can use it anonymously. All types of medications will be accepted,  from Over the Counter medication to Prescription drugs. The the box will be pick-up by the DEA and be disposed of in a safe & environmentally responsible way. 
   This action is also part of the Borough's Sustainable Jersey certification. It keeps drugs away from non approved users and removes the waste from our waterways.
   For additional information please contact the DEA at or phoning the DEA at 800-882-9539. Or the Bogota Police Dept. website at:
                  (it is asked that while attending this event you  inform them that you saw it on Bogota Blog NJ)  

   The Bergen County Board of Elections has released the list of candidates for the  Primary elections in New Jersey on  Tuesday 7-June-2016.  The Candidates of local interest are:

    ( Candidates are listing in order from information provided by the Bergen Record)

 Bogota Borough Council - ( two seats for each party)
Democratic Party 
  Incumbent - Kathryn Gates-Ferris 
                       - Martha E. Reilly 
Republican Party
   Incumbent -  John G. Mitchell 
   Incumbent  -  Michael T. Connors 
Bogota Borough Council -One  year unexpired term ( one seat)
Democratic Party 
                    - Mazie A. Shuler
 Republican Party

                    - Carmen P. Diaz 

For Bergen County
- Board of Freeholders ( three seats for each party)
  Democratic Party 
  Incumbent  - Thomas J. Sullivan 
                       - Mary J. Amoroso 
                        - Germaine M. Ortiz
                       - Dana A. Hall 
                       - Amy A. Heller 
Republican Party
  Incumbent -  Maura R. DeNicola 
                        -  John J. Driscoll Jr.
                        - Robert A. Didio 
                        - John W. Zoller 
                        - Paul R. Fisher 
                       - Richard A. Marshall 
County clerk  ( one seat for each party)
Democratic Party 
  Incumbent  - John S. Hogan 
Republican Party
                     -  Hector Olmo 
Sheriff  ( one seat for each party)
Democratic Party 
  Incumbent  - Michael Saudino 
Republican Party  
                     - Manuel V. Alfonso
  Democratic Party 
  Incumbent  -Michael R. Dressler 
Republican Party  
                    - Robert W. Avery
                    - Sabaudin Skenderi 

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