Saturday, April 9, 2016

Senior Fashion Show


  On Thursday 7-April the Senior Class of Bogota High School held the first of its kind raffle and Fashion Show. This was held in the High School Cafeteria with process going to the Class of 2016 Fund. Before the show began attendees were able to look at the items available to be won, and enjoy some food until the fashions were displayed. The first to present was Senior Justyn DeMora with his “SUS” line of designer t-shirts.  The male models where accompanied by their female counterparts dress in Studio M / Ruby Ribbon.  The next fashion was active wear for more athletic actives.  The next theme was coordinated by  Nia Abuzid with  Garden Party  look for women being the inspiration.  Then Analysse Staudt showed her line of “My Favorite Things” wear collection for women. These were both designed and created by Ms Staudt. The Senior Model  then gave Friends and Family a preview of their Prom night with the women showing their personal taste with their gown, and the Men looking dashing in Tuxedos by Today’s Fashion of Bergenfield. The final walk was a chance for the  Seniors  to show off which college they will be attending as Alumni of the Bogota High School Class of 2016.
  Between styles, the prizes were awarded to the raffle winners, most were items donated by area business’ in support of the High School, others were more personal in nature. Ms Albirt donated a batch of her homemade brownies, Bogota Blog NJ donated a signed photo from its collection. Two item of interest were a voucher to park in the space reserved for Vice Principal Kelly DeCongelio, and Principal Damian Kennedy. Ms DeCongelio space was awarded quickly, however when Mr. Kennedy’s space was up to be called a winning ticket could not be confirmed. On the third try Principal Kennedy himself claimed the winning ticket. Then after accepting his prize he opened the parking space to a bidding process, for anyone who really wanted his space.  After a fast bidding war it was sold for $40 and the prize money was donated to the class of 2016 fund.

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