Monday, April 4, 2016

Steen Garden

4- April-2016
   On Saturday 2-April the Steen PTO organized a cleanup and refurbishing of  the Student Garden. This year will mark the tenth year of the Steen Garden Club started by  Steen second grade teacher Mrs Geraghty.  Parents of current Steen Students, members of Bogota Beautiful, The Bogota Environmental Commission, and current High School Students, who are Student Garden Alumni, took the time on a raining Saturday Morning to help ready the Student Garden for the next decade of service.  The old planting beds were broken down and replaced with newer and slightly wider beds. Some of the annuals were moved from their old beds and replanted along the main walkway to the front door.  Root systems from old bush, or trees were dug out to allow more growing space in the new beds. Low hanging branches were cut away from the pine trees to open more space in the Garden. Planting locations  along the building  cleared, and deweeded, along with the rocks around the Peace Corner of the Garden.
   As work continued on the Student Garden, crews raked the front lawn of old leaves and pine needle, as well as cleaning up any trash that had not been disposed of properly.  New plants were added to the walkway, to go with the ones saved from the old planter bed. A new Evergreen Tree was added to the East side of the Steps to the building.
  This community effort should allow the next member of the Steen Garden Club to continue to grow  the future of the School and in Bogota.

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