Saturday, October 15, 2016

Bogota Chamber of Commerce

   On Thursday 13-October the Bogota Chapter of the Hackensack Regional Chamber of Commerce was introduced. This served as a restart of a Chamber of Commerce for the Borough of Bogota.  The Bogota Chapter will be a part of the Hackensack Regional Chamber of Commerce which will  be one part of the six towns that form the Hackensack Region.  The goal is  to allow the business in Bogota to become part of a larger network of communities working to improve the business climate in this part of Bergen County. The other towns Bogota joins in with are: Hackensack, South Hackensack, Lodi, Garfield and Saddle Brook. The goal of the  Regional Chamber of Commerce  is to assist business in these area to work, and share ideas for the common good.  Member of the Bogota Chapter will have access regional meeting and event, and will have Chamber event that are specifically design to highlight  business in Bogota.
  For more information about how the Hackensack Regional Chamber of Commerce can assist a local business or to become a member please visit their website at;

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