Sunday, October 16, 2016

New Trees

16- October- 2016

   On Saturday 15-October volunteers from Bogota Beautiful replaced some of the shrubbery in the planters along W. Main St.  Three of the shrubs planted earlier this year, and on tree planted last year, were replaced with fresh Alberta Dwarf Spruce trees. Some of the trees did not survive the Summer heat. One needed to replace because it was pulled out by vandals and left on the side walk. This had tried being replanted, but did not  continue to grow after being removed from it's planter. The one pine tree started to die, possible by the number of cigarette butts and other trash thrown in it's planter.
  Isabel Bustmante, Alicia Pugh,  Joe Baldacci and Joe Gallagher took time from their Saturday Morning to work on this planters. Old planting were removed, fresh soil was added and the  Alberta Dwarf Spruce were planted and water. There was no additional plants added to these planter due to the lateness of the season. Flowering plants are schedule to be added during the 2017 Earth Day clean-up.  The Volunteers took time to clean the area around the Planters removing their refuse to be depose of properly.  They also look at the other planters to remove and trash that has been thrown in the wrong container.  
  When these planter were first placed on W. Main St. member of the Borough Government had informed Bogota Beautiful that the business along W. Main St, and all streets in Bogota, are obligated to maintain the sidewalk in front of there business'. This would include the planters that Bogota Beautiful donated to the Borough. This means that basic cleaning of any and all trash left in the planters would be included. Business owners would also be encouraged  to water the plants when possible.  Bogota Beautiful would like  to also encourage anyone walking by these planter feel free to safely remove any  debris from them and place it in the proper trash containers. Bogota Beautiful is also trying to assist the Borough in adding additional trash containers along W. Main St and other high pedestrian  traffic areas. For more information  on volunteering for any of these project. To join Bogota Beautiful as a Active, or Prospective member, or to donate to help Bogota Beautiful please visit their website at :

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