Monday, October 17, 2016

Photography Workshop

   On Thursday-13-October the Bogota Public Library hosted a Photography workshop presented by Henry Komorowksi.  The evenings topic was on how to use the setting on a digital camera.  This was for equipment that went farther than a basic "point & shoot" camera. Mr. Komorowksi explained how to use the manual, sport and program  functions available on most cameras. He  went thorough a  number of different term commonly use in photography. One of the first he talked about how ISO setting works. The ISO is the amount of light sensitivity a camera can read.  The Higher the ISO the more light will be read by the camera's setting. The darker the  area that is being photographed the high the ISO needs to be.  Next was the F-Stop or Aperture of a camera. The aperture of a camera is the amount  light let in through the lens.  The small the f-stop the more light it will in. This also blurs the background image that is not being focus on. Mr. Komorowksi next talked about shutter speed. Simply the higher the number the faster the shutter will open and close.  Fast shutter speeds, properly focused and exposed, will stop the action. A baseball will be seen clearly , or a bird can be caught in flight. A lower, or slower, shutter speed will give a misty effect to moving water, leaves blowing in the wind.
   His next subject was posing the photos.  Sometimes just a face is wanted, other times a  person's whole body is wanted in the photo. He talked about the times the background would make a more interesting photo, other times a fuzzier background will cause the subject to seem more important.  Knowing how light, Sun light, or, artificial light looks on the subject will determined at what angle the photo will be taken.  Photographing building was also something he mentioned.  Because many camera's are  self-contained a long photo of a building may appear to lean backwards while the subject in front are standing straight. This may be best handled by tilting a camera slightly to correct the lean. And keeping a camera level  will stop photos from appearing the subject is going to fall over at any time. 
   In Mr. Komorowksi's next work shop on Tuesday 18-October he will talk about the different types of computer software available to assist in editing a photos if the quality is not acceptable.  This will also be in the second floor seniors center starting at 7:00p. To register for this event, or for more information please  about this and other Library events visit their web site at :
The Bogota Public library is located at 375 Larch Ave. Bogota, NJ.  

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