Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Mr. Freshcuts

   On Sunday 23-October Mr. Freshcut of Bogota hosted their first networking event. This inaugural workshop was presented by Quis Abassi whose lecture was about how a business can take advantage of the social media.   Mr. Abassi talked about the the different platforms that are now available on the internet to start, or grow a business.  He explained how to use the  internet to find a target audience to serve as  base customers, then to how to  expand that base to bring in new customers and clients. Mr Abassi  also talked about how various applications can be useful in "branding" a new company, or individual, to  start a business, then on hoe to get a wider arrange of exposure to get a business more into the public eye.
   This was the first, in what is hope to be the beginning of, regularly schedule workshop planned by Mr. Freshcut.   Over the Holiday season there are plans to incorporate such events as a more social gathering to bring clients, business' and residents from Bogota , and the surrounding area together in a relaxed atmosphere. 
   For more information about Mr. Freshcut's  networking events please visit their website at: http://www.mrfreshcut.com/

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