Monday, October 24, 2016

Prescription Box

  On Thursday 20-October the Bogota Borough Council meeting with Bogota Police Chief Daniel Maye recognizing  Bogota High School PTO president Pauline McDonnell for her work in funding a Prescription  drug drop box for the Police Department. This is a place where Bogota resident can safely depose of old and unwanted prescription drugs.  This is a secure storage box to hold old prescriptions until they can be gathered by a secure carrier   and deposed of in an safe and environmentally  friendly way. Funds for the purchased of this box was supplied by the Bogota Advisory Committee on Substance Abuse (BACSA).  BACSA  is a High School organization to promote about understand and awareness of the consequences of drug (prescription, over the counter and illegal) use. 
  This box will be located in the lobby of the Police dept. Headquarters located on Henry Smith Way  Bogota, NJ. The drop box is accessible during times when the lobby is open.  The drop is free of charge with no questions asked. Only solid prescription drugs will be accepted to be deposed of.  This includes pills, tables, patches, inhalers, and similar objects  that are legal to purchased. Liquids, medical waste, or syringes will not be accepted in these boxes. Any illegal drugs should be brought to the attention of local Police Departments. 
    This box will accept deposit from any resident of Bergen County wanting to use it. The goal of this system is to first remove old medication of a person home.  This first reason is the safe elimination of this type of medical waste.  Next is to assure these drugs are not being use by those who have not been prescribed to use them. Many pills and liquids are brightly coloured  for identification purposes. This causes them to appear like candy to young children, who could try them not knowing the dangers and side effects. Another reason is young adults willing to try prescription drugs wanting some of those same side effects. Painkillers are becoming increasingly popular in all of society,  with some prescription pain killers  becoming a new  "Gateway Drug" which will cause a person to  feel the need to obtain illegal, stronger, harder, and in some cases less expensive drugs. 
   The purchase of this drop box is one way the Bogota Police Department is trying to assist the public to the dangers of all type of wrongly used medicine. The Police Dept. has also assigned a patrol officer to be an advisor to Bogota Advisory Committee on Substance Abuse in order to help educate Students on the non-medical use of drugs and other controlled substances . BACSA is also trying to create similar programs in the public  Elementary  schools.

Officer Rivera, Pauline McDonnell,
Bogota Police Chief Daniel Maye & Councilman John Mitchell

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