Monday, October 3, 2016


   On Saturday 1-October the St. Joseph's Church of Bogota sponsored a collection of used and unwanted bicycles and sewing machines to be donated to people living in developing countries. These were collected by the organization Pedals for Progress , a nonprofit group, who donate used bicycles and sewing machines to aid  people living in developing to become more self sufficient. Volunteers accepted the bicycles from those who donated them and condensed them for shipment.  Pedals were taken off, and tied to the frame, along with disengaging the handle bars so they could  pack tighter in the shipping container.  When the container is filled with the bicycles there is space leftover that will allow the sewing machines to travel to the same area to also aid the citizens to bring a higher standard of living.
   Both items serve multiple purposes to their new owners. Starting with cheap and easy transportation ranging from to and from work, bring goods home from shopping, as well opening the possibilities of starting a new business. The sewing machines will aid a family  who and repair, or make new clothes, as well as also the chance to earn money while sewing for others.  The items donated at this event are earmarked for Nicaragua. Other countries served by Pedals for Progress include Guatemala, Ghana, Albania, and even parts of the United States that may need the extra aid to help themselves.
    For more information about, or to donate to, Pedals for Progress please visit their website at;

Joe  Richardson

Charles Sutter

Michael Sabrio

Sewing machines also donated.

Bicycles ready for shipment.
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