Friday, October 7, 2016

River Road

   On Thursday-6- October the final link in the re pavement of River Rd in Bogota was made. The final section was made from Cross St to Cypress Ave by crews from PSE&G. This should be the last  road work in Bogota effected by PSE&G's Northeast Grid project. First stating in mid 2014 this invoiced adding new power transmission lines  between their power plants. The Bogota section started at the Dillard Memorial Bridge over the Hackensack River along W. Ft. Lee rd to River rd. The work then turned South the length of River rd to the Ridgfield Park Boarder. It continued through Ridgfield Park ending at the Ridgefield Power station. Due to weather conditions, and complications at River rd and Elm ave road work continued for an extend period.  When the issues under the CSX trestle were resolved paving crews hired by PSE&G removed the temporary patches of asphalt and repave the last section of River rd. Relining for safety and traffic  will be added at a later date.

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