Tuesday, January 24, 2017

AARP Driving


   On Monday 23-January the Bogota Public Library host an AARP workshop on Smart Driving. This was presented by Paul Nordeen, who is trained driving instructor volunteer with AARP to oversee this course. The program was a six hour session which covered topics from basic driving tips to handle emergency situations.  A group of over a dozen driver were on hand to participate in a refresher course on operating their vehicle. Some key lessons made during the course was how the technique of modern cars has changed  how a person should dive over the years. The most obvious is the instillation of Anti Lock Brakes. This is a system that allows the cars computer to "pump the brakes" instead of the driver to control the vehicle in a skid. Another is the increasing amount of exterior sensors being added to car and how a person should drive to take advantage of them.  Another part was on how a person should set the car they are driving to suit themselves. This includes taking the time to adjust  all things the driver will need to operate the car safely and comfortably. Each make of car is different along with each person who sits behind the wheel.  the extra time spent in making sure everything, from the seat height, placement of the steering wheel, adjustment of safety belts to the light and sound volumes can assist a drivers comfort , which will also them to better focus on the task of driving safety. 
   Mr. Nordeen also had a section about the changes in driving laws. Now, in most States, it is required that all passengers in the vehicle wear a form of restraints. This goes from child safety seats to seat belts for Adults. And now is anyone is observed not wearing a restraints they (as an Adult) and the operator of the vehicle are subject to a fine. This also includes any pets traveling withing the vehicle. They must also be restraint or the operator will be subject to a fine. There was also discussion on how roads have also change over the years. From the type of material used in paving to how a roadway is sectioned off and identified for different types of traffic flows. The addition of Bus, Bicycle, and multi-passengers lanes, as well as the redesigning of crosswalks and turning lanes was introduce to  upgrade the drivers knowledge. 
   At the end of the course each attendee who finished the course received certificate of completion which will allow the driver to apply for discounts on their insurance policy. 
  It is planned to make this course a monthly feature at the Bogota Public Library with the assistance of AARP. 
  The library is again working with AARP this year to provided assistance in tax preparation. This will be available on Thursday and Fridays from now until Saturday 15- April.  This is targeted to anyone over the age of 60 who could also be collecting Social Security .  
   To register for  the tax aide, or for more information please  about this and other Library events visit their web site at :  http://www.bogotapubliclibrary.org/
The Bogota Public library is located at 375 Larch Ave. Bogota, NJ.  
 In addition AARP is looking for volunteer Smart Driver instructors. anyone who wishes inquire about being a volunteer should visit their website at: www.aarp.org/volunteernow 

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