Monday, January 9, 2017

The Mission Continues


   On Sunday 8-January members from the Newark 1st Platoon of  "The Mission Continues" took park in a refresher course in First aid , and CPR at the Bogota VFW post #5561. This group is one of many Platoons nationwide who accepts Veterans from any branch of the US Armed Services and allows them to work with local community groups in need. They give Veterans the opportunity to continue to server their community and Country and helps those communities in need.  The reason they are taking part in this First aid course is many fold. One benefit of know first aid is in the event of a emergency situation occurs at one of their  function they will be ready to act.  Next is the ability to show others that with even a little proper training anyone can help someone in need. There is also the confidence of knowing they will be able to possibility saving someone in every day life.
  The Women and Men from the 1st  Platoon were instructed by  Sarita Wilson from the American Red Cross in the latest CPR and AED techniques. The veterans also were shown basic first aid from treating open wounds, setting broken bones & sprains and how to aid a choking victim. With this additional training the members of the Newark 1st Platoon  will containing their mission in supporting the community they live and work in.
 To learn more about, or to join,  "The Mission Continues" please visit their website at;

Sarita Wilson explaining about the course

Sarita Wilson (L) demonstrating on Mario Monaco how to examine
for possible injuries.

Sarita Wilson showing were the heart is located in the chest

Sarita Wilson setting the pace for  compressions for CPR 

Sarita Wilson  watching the breath technique 

practicing "clearing" when using a AED

Else Torres (L) and Giuseppe Mosca practicing compressions

Aroch Bolanos  practicing compressions

Joey Dizon (L) and Elsye Torres preparing to give two breaths

Aroch Bolanos  practicing breathing

Else Torres (L) and Giuseppe Mosca practicing using CPR
along with the AED

Mario Monaco (L) and Hetal Patel practicing using CPR 
along with the AED

Members of the Newark 1st Platoon of  "The Mission Continues"

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