Tuesday, January 31, 2017

International Day

    On Monday-30 -January  the St. Joseph's School in Bogota held an International Food Fair. In recognition of Catholic School week the Student of St. Joseph's had the opportunity to show the Ethnic diversity of their school. Almost  40 tables were set-up to highlight over two dozen different country that represented the Family background of those who attend the school. Counties from Latin American and the Caribbean were joined by Counties from Europe and Asia in showing the cultural heritage of the Students.  The way the Students showed their ethnic pride came in many forms that included a taste of regional food and history of their country. Visitors, and fellow Students, had a chance to tour the world by tasting unique flavors of traditional recipes. Just some of the items available range from Appetizers which included native cheese & fruits to sushi, and filled dough. Some Main courses of pull pork, Swedish Meatballs and noodle dishes. To  many Deserts of Cannoli, cookies and sugar coated treats.
    Another part of the Student project  was to display facts and and other Cultural highlights from their Country.  Traditional costumes were worn,  history an location could be learned, and  even the record of when the first members of a Family immigrated to America. Visitors were encouraged to move from table to table sampling new taste, being told story of a different Country, and  even hearing native songs and instruments of overseas lands.

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